Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting

vps hostingLunarpages Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting plan allows all customers to control their resources and pay only for what they use. This truly a la carte option reduces costs and offers scalability to all of our customers. Some customers choose the number of CPU cores they want along with the amount of bandwidth, disk space and RAM our VPS Hosting allows you to choose what you need. These options can be changed without having to completely migrate hosts or create a virtual machine, giving our customers less downtime.


Starting at
$44.95 Monthly
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • 50 GB of SSD Enhanced Storage
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 1000 GB of bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
  • Free Domain Name*
  • Multiple servers for failover

Scalable VPS Hosting Includes

Scaling Features & Prices:

  • RAM: 1 GB increments up to a total 12 GB of ram $0.60 per GB per day
  • CPU: increase up to 8 core $0.30 per core per day
  • Disk Space: increase for $0.03 per GB per day
  • Bandwidth: $0.35 per GB

Operating System - Linux or Windows

  • Linux - LAMP Stack Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Windows - Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP, .NET

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Scalable Cloud Hosting - Starting at

$44.95 / month


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scalable vps

Dedicated Control & Functionality In A Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting Enviroment!

With VPS Hosting scaling your resources is easy to do right from your account page.

From your account page you can adjust CPU count, RAM (memory) and HDD (storage space)


Our Scaled resources are billed daily once the $10.00 minimum is reached. For customers that choose to upgrade and downgrade in the same billing period, credits will be automatically added to their regular renewal period.

*Free domain offer available only on  12 month term / 1 yr plans or longer.


Cloud hosting has quickly become one of the fastest growing services for businesses. Using a cloud provider that gives you the ability to adjust your business' resources immediately can help you improve customer retention and product quality. Lunarpages' cloud services allows all customers to meet their own needs by helping set up computing resources imperative to their website. Our rapid deployment of computing resources, coupled with high performance hardware and an expert team of IT professionals, will give your business the edge it needs to compete in the marketplace.

Whether you're looking for scalable or private cloud hosting services, Lunarpages has what you need. Our scalable cloud hosting option is perfect for small and medium sized businesses that want the option of expanding when needed. We are dedicated to giving you the resources you need. Save money by only purchasing the infrastructure that is imperative to your business without having to pay for software, hardware and IT packages that you don&'t need. Our team of professionals will oversee all aspects of third-party applications and manage your data 24/7.

Our scalable cloud hosting option gives you the flexibility you want with the benefit of being able to expand whenever you need. When you use Lunarpages for cloud services, RAM, disc space and hardware upgrades are quick and easy. If you choose to go with our private cloud services, we can build you a customized cloud that is specifically tailored to your needs. We can even help you with Web clustering and SQL services. Our team of industry experts will conduct a private consultation so you have the right hardware and build out the first time.

Why VPS Hosting May Be the Solution You’ve Been Searching For


If you’re currently weighing your options in the area of business web hosting, you’ll find there are lots of potential hosting services clamoring for your attention. Lunarpages Scalable Cloud VPS hosting is one of the best solutions you’ll find for your new and potentially growing business.

VPS stands for virtual private server, but is sometimes referred to as virtual dedicated server hosting. Just what is VPS? Basically, it is the ability to section off a server so that each slice has its own dedicated space and rebooting capabilities. This gives you a part of a larger server that is exclusive to your business, without the negatives that come from shared server space or the expense of a completely dedicated server. Now that we know what virtual hosting is, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should consider it as a web hosting solution:

Growth Potential

While today your business may be small, what if growth takes place a lot sooner than expected? For as many overnight success stories there are out there, there are an equal number of stories about crashed servers, traffic delays, and resultant missed business opportunities. Be ready for your success by ensuring your site will remain available and ready for business whenever opportunity knocks!

vps cost control

Cost Control

Large businesses may need a dedicated server, but they usually have a big budget to go with it. If you’re trying to control costs, (and let’s face it, most businesses today are) you need hosting services that fit your budget while giving you great web hosting services. A scalable vps gives you the benefits of a dedicated server without the accompanying hardware and maintenance costs.

vps cloud server securitySecurity

Cloud hosting supplies you with an individual IP address and unique-to-user password protected entries. Firewalls and employee education regarding server access from external computers are additional ways to ensure that the Scalable Cloud VPS is safe from attacks. With multi-layered protections built into the system, your virtual host is a safe and secure choice for business class hosting.

customer support


Good virtual hosting means you aren’t “going it alone” in the vast web hosting world. Be sure that your virtual private server hosting package comes with the support you are looking for, whether it is email support, online chat or phone support. You’ll also want to know when these services are available, since problems don’t usually limit themselves to “office hours.” Choose a hosting service that provides 24/7/365 support to be sure you get help when you need it.

virtual private server control


Scalable Cloud VPS hosting offers you control over your site’s content and the applications you’re running, from anywhere you need it! By logging into your password protected admin panel, you can upload documents, edit content, run new applications, and thus operate your business anytime, anywhere.

 For more information on all of our Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting options, contact us today at 1-877-586-2772, option 3, or fill out the form below.
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Lunarpages provides secure webhosting at top tier data centers in Las Vegas, Nevada, San Diego, California, Irvine California, and Hawthorne California.  Each of our facilities has a proven track record for uptime and compliance.  Our staff are experienced and certified professionals.  We build your infrastructure to meet your needs.  The Lunarpages’ network is built redundantly with security and protection from DDoS attacks.

Our e-com site provides care for people with lost pets, end of life and other urgent pet situation needs. It’s vital our web site & email are up and running 100% of the time for fast responses to our clients. I’ve had my accounts with Lunarpages for over 10+ years and we have never experienced an outage. My previous occupation as a freelance designer, artist, photographer and musician means I’ve had multiple sites under Lunarpages like and more, they have all performed very fast and done well with our SEO. Something you may not have considered your hosting account affects your SEO. I’ve brought in many clients that needed hosting with the confidence that Lunarpages’ support team would always be there to help answer questions for them as they always have taken care of me. Support solutions were provided within hours not days. When I renew I always look at the competitors and I’ve never found a better deal anywhere. Plain and simple, Lunarpages gets the job done when it counts.