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Lunarpages Debuts New Tiered Business Web Hosting Packages

28 January 2014, Anaheim, CA: Lunarpages web hosting, a leading web hosting provider, recently launched additional packages to its business quality hosting options. The new tiered business packages, aimed at business owners, builds upon the revised tiered business plan and features advanced options such as PCI compliance, Secure Live Site Monitoring, and dedicated tech time via Lunarpages managed shared hosting department. The latest addition to Lunarpages web hosting offerings represents the next step our company’s commitment to raise the standard of our internet solutions and relevance to web professionals and medium-sized businesses.

Lunarpages new business web hosting packages range from $22.95 to $64.95 and are offered in three tiers; Premium, Advantage, and Enterprise. These new packages incorporate all the key demands of small and medium-sized businesses, and also include all the features required for advanced website designs and performance including, unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases optimized to manage multiple domains. Additionally, all our new business plan tiers include support for Python, Perl, and Ruby on Rails, in order to support the latest high-end programs for website design as well as the demands of high-level of user interaction.

  • SSL and Dedicated IP
  • PCI Compliant Server
  • Backups
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • 24/7/365 Phone and live chat support

Our new packages also include PHP 5.3 and 5.2, and feature the ability to host multiple websites as well as our standard features – 99.99% guaranteed uptime, one free domain registration, File Manager, and US based phone support.

Our latest hosting development represents the Lunarpages commitment to providing the technology that offers a competitive edge to rapidly growing businesses that rely upon stability and performance.

We offer a comprehensive range of web solutions that include advanced email solutions, domain name registrations, shared web hosting, cloud servers, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and reseller hosting as well as a high-paying affiliate program. Lunarpages is an industry leader supplying superior quality services that meet your demanding business needs.

Full company and product details can be found here:


Wayne Salvino

Lunarpages Gains Favor With Off Road Racing Fans

Premiere Motorsports Group Fights the Fury at Lake Elsinore, Lunarpages Gains Favor With Off Road Racing Fans

Corona, Calif. May 22, 2013

Round 5 & 6 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series filled Lake Elsinore, California with a wave of action that thrilled fans at the Rockstar Energy So-Cal Nationals. The event was hosted on a 1.1 mile short course featuring high tech off road vehicles racing door-to-door over big air jumps, huge tabletop launchers, tight banked turns, precarious rhythm obstacles, and high speed straight-a-ways.

Premiere Motorsports Group took on the competitive task to advance the race teams position in overall standings and support the sponsors like Lunarpages who wish to gain favor with the fans of off road racing. It was a true spectacle and the many spectators in attendance were thrilled with the show.

The aggressive nature of short course motorsports can often lead to unpredictable scenarios that will have onlookers saying “What the heck just happened?” or “Did you see that!” Crashes, hard landings, and contact between racers will leave vehicles crippled or broken and at some point relegated to a pile of parts. It is just as hard on the drivers and crew as it is on the equipment. Those who are stronger and quicker to heal will finish first and ahead of the pack.

The Hart and Huntington Off Road Team had assembled a well prepared team of expert drivers and finely tuned race machines for the weekend, but after the destructive chaos and hard racing from Round 5, Sunday’s Round 6 event would be as difficult as ever.


Back in the pits the crew carefully inspected the vehicle and began the meticulous preparation to bring the V8 ProLite back to life for Round 6. Unfortunately, from the start of that event it became apparent that the #51 truck was substantially low on power and could not keep pace with the rest of the field. Ryan kept clear of race traffic and motored the truck around the track to collect any available points.

In the PRO-2 Division, the field is full of comparative off road short course experts. Simply put the best of the best racing side by side in high-tech 900HP screaming 2 wheel drive trucks. The PRO-2s are the headline event of each round and Robert Naughton, a true racers racer, loves the challenge of competing against the best.

“We come to these races and pour out every ounce of our heart and soul to put forth our best effort,” asserted Naughton. “The only problem is that many in the pits have done the same, making for heavy competition.” PRO-2 is stacked with talent and anyone entered could take the win. To beat the past champions, you have to have a championship program running hot while others have a bad day or just get caught up in the carnage.

Premiere Motorsports Group did all they could to improve the speed and handling of the Lunarpages PRO-2 machine. As the weekend played out, Naughton was able to match the pace of the leaders and was just off a bit on top speed. Starting mid-pack out of 19 entries, 10th on Saturday & 11th on Sunday, Robert took the green flag and immediately began to pass the trucks and within 5 laps had raced up to challenge in the top half. For Round 5, Naughton and the #54 Lunarpages pretty much secured his position and went onto finish 6th.

Sunday, Round 6 was a different story, as it was the final event of the weekend. All the PRO-2 competitors were going for broke and leaving nothing left on the table. It was an incredible show for anyone watching with back and forth racing all over the circuit and at every corner of the track. On Lap 6, Robert laid the peddle down and maneuvered the Lunarpages machine passing 4 trucks during 1 transit of the course. On Lap 10, a 3-way battle between Naughton, Greg Adler, Rodrigo Ampudia ensued but it was Jeremy Mcgrath who altered the momentum and left the #54 machine caught up in Turn #2 and falling way back. From this point on, Robert threw all caution out the window to desperately make up the lost positions. There were just not enough laps left, and Naughton crossed the finish in 9th place.

By the end of the race weekend, most fans onsite had become well aware of Lunarpages Internet Solutions; Team Partner to Premiere Motorsports Group and Lucas Oil Off Road Series Supporter. The on-track performances by Lunarpages Team Driver’s Ryan Beat and Robert Naughton spear-headed the excitement for the company while the branding opportunities were supported by track signage, and jumbo-tron commercial spots.

Off the track, Lunarpages had established an interactive booth display which allowed fans to sign up for General Tire sweepstakes contest and win other cool prizes including their image simulated on one of the Lunarpages Team Trucks. One lucky guest received a special edition Lunarpages Team Associated SC-10RS signed by Robert Nauhgton and Ryan Beat while other fans were able to get their posters autographed during the designated sessions throughout the event.

Short Course Off Road Motorsports has rapidly become an appealing and successful platform of entertainment that presents action packed excitement for all involved. Racers live for it, Companies are quick to sign on as a supporter, and the fans love the excitement.

The next event for the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series will be take place June 21-23 at the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. You can expect to see a Premiere Motorsports Group convoy rolling up there to fight their way to victory.

Hart and Huntington Off Road Endures LOORRS Season Kickoff and Captures Fast Lap Award

Corona, Calif. March 20, 2013

The opening weekend of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series provided the Arizona fans with great memories of terrific racing, fast action and left many of the participating racers aspiring. Hart and Huntington Off Road endured the season kickoff, surviving through multiple hardships and a violent crash, yet the team persevered and went on to collect a PRO-2 Fast Lap Award. In the final race of the weekend, Rob Naughton pushed the throttle wide open to a top speed over 93 MPH and a lap time of 42.465; speeds and time that is typically only seen in the PRO-4 Unlimited Division.

The race weekend began with Josh Merrell laying a solid effort in Saturday’s PRO-4 Event. The #22 machine had recently undergone a major transmission conversion from Automatic to a Weismann Performance Manual. Josh spent the practice sessions getting comfortable with the new shifting process and by race day, Merrell was performing very well shaving seconds off the lap times. Starting mid pack, Josh put the #22 MAVTV Truck into a relaxed groove for several laps getting warmed up and let the competition beat on each other. By Lap 10, Josh was hoping to turn on the speed but his truck was not responding like it should. Merrell would have to settle for a 6th place finish.

Back in the pits the crew dissected the #22 PRO-4 and upon inspection, found the transmission had chewed up fourth gear leaving not even a single tooth. Master Engineer “Buzz” Busnardo declared, “This truck should have stopped moving forward a long time ago, let alone being able to drive at speed and finish the race. A true testament to the Weismann Performance Transmission and the craftsmanship behind it.”

For Sunday’s Event, Merrell, knowing his equipment would now be on par and in top working order was feeling eager to see himself earn some top lap times and take down a solid finish. However in the opening laps, Josh found Todd Leduc challenging #22 for his position. Merrell retained until Todd went wide in Turn 1 and then quickly ducked inside to exit the corner. With the outside line, Josh had the momentum to race door-to-door down the back stretch, but Todd aimed for the preferred line going into Turn 2 and narrowed down the margin of available track space between the trucks and the outside wall. Contact was made coming off the back stretch jumps and sent both spinning out into the Turn 2 berm. Merrell’s truck went flipping into a nasty barrel roll going over several times and careened onto the cement k-rail.

The violent crash sent parts flying and did a lot of cosmetic damage to the vehicle; however the truck and safety equipment did its job preventing serious injury to Josh. With his family by his side, he was checked out at a nearby hospital and was later released with minor bumps and bruises. Josh is in good spirits and is determined to be contender for race wins and challenge for the championship.

The ProLite division saw 26 trucks start the green flag for Saturday’s Race. A stacked field of young and old talent with top of the line equipment is making this class the fan favorite and is sure to deliver the best racing as the 2013 season develops. Hart and Huntington Off Road’s Ryan Beat, Driver of the Lunarpages ProLite, is a top contender carrying new support ties with LOORRS series sponsors Loanmart and Rockstar Energy. Ryan proved that his ProLite would be tough competition by driving through the field during both of the weekend’s races.

During Round 1, Ryan began the race in 14th position and had moved up into 4th place in only 8 short laps. It was a furious effort with hard driving pushing the truck through the grid. It may have been a little too far on the edge as the transmission input shaft failed on #51 Lunarpages ProLite leaving Beat stranded in the infield while the race continued on without him.

Ryan Beat is well known for being friendly and approachable in the pits, yet he is a fierce competitor who strives to race clean. For Sunday’s event, the race officials saw it differently and issued the #51 ProLite two black flag penalties for two separate instances. The first penalty was issued in the very first lap. Perhaps there is some responsibility to be shared considering the officials sent 2 dozen trucks out onto a sloppy slick muddy mess and lost foresight of what would actually happen when the field races door-to-door and bumper-to-bumper into a single corner caked with 2’ feet of mud.

With nowhere to go, trucks all around and everyone sideways on the brakes, contact was made and one truck was spun around. Ryan immediately served the penalty and resumed the race hoping to gain positions forward with about 17 Laps to go. From this point, Beat would work to pass through the field. By Lap 8, Ryan had moved into the top 10 and by Lap 11 moved into the top 5. Beat was in contention for a podium finish, but so were several other top drivers including 2012 Rookie of the Year, Bradley Morris. Beat and Morris would trade paint for lap after lap battling for position. On Lap 15, they caught up to a pocket of slower traffic going through the track’s only right hand corner, Beat from behind, made contact with Morris, causing another spin out. It was unintentional and Ryan did not expect Bradley to slow his momentum so much. Beat was issued his second black flag and a less than ideal finish to a hard weekend.

The first LOORRS race weekend delivered its fair share of ups and downs, but the Hart and Huntington Off Road Team is known for coming from behind and finishing in spectacular fashion. Robert Naughton, the AZ local legend carries a reputation of being fast in anything he rides or drives. Robert and his crew worked hard to find speed in the #54 Lunarpages PRO-2. Unfortunately, after a rookie PRO-2 driver made hard contact knocking out a trailing arm during the first lap on Round 1, Naughton would only have one final chance during Sunday’s final race of the weekend to deliver a solid performance.

Starting from last place in 17th position, Naughton pushed his Lunarpages PRO-2 passing as many as 5 competitors in the first lap and worked his way into the top 10 by lap 2. From there, Robert flew the #54 machine off the big air jumps with the Roush Industries 900HP V8 spitting flames out of the exhaust and the General Tires shooting a massive trail of dirt roost all around the track. For 20 Laps Naughton nailed his lines and cut down his time till on lap 15, Robert laid down the best of the weekend collecting a PRO-2 Fast Lap Award.

Watch the Video highlights from Round 1 and Round 2, right here on our Youtube Page.

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series will resume for Rounds 3 & 4 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on April 26 – 28. Fans are encouraged to come join us as Las Vegas always provides great times with friends and awesome racing action on a super fast track. <a data-cke-saved-href=”″ href=”″ rel=”nofollow’ target=” _blank”=””>Tickets are still available.

Follow the Hart and Huntington Off Road Team on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube or check out for more information.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions partners with Team Lucas, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series

Corona, Calif. March 13, 2013

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a leading provider of managed hosting services, has become a partner of Team Lucas and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series for the 2013 season.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions has been a sponsor with the Hart and Huntington Premiere Motorsports Group Off Road Race Team in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series for the past two seasons and will continue with the Team’s Rob “Fig” Naughton, driving the Pro2 as well as Ryan Beat, who finished second in Pro Lite a year ago.

“We’re excited to expand our involvement in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series by joining Team Lucas and taking advantage of all it has to offer,” Lunarpages Internet Solutions CEO George Natzic said. “It’s a program that provides excellent exposure and hospitality opportunities.”

“Team Lucas and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series is very pleased to have Lunarpages Internet Solutions as a partner,” Lucas Oil Executive Vice-President Bob Patison said. “We’ve enjoyed getting to know the people who are Lunarpages Internet Solutions the past couple of years and it’s wonderful to have them take a larger stake in our series.”

Lunarpages Internet Solutions will distinguish its inaugural season with Team Lucas by awarding exciting prize packages to a trio of weekend events in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series to contest winners who enter through a variety of web sites and social networks. Details will be announced at a later date.

Team Lucas is a dynamic “grass roots” advertising and marketing medium owned by Lucas Oil Products, Inc.–a world leader of high performance lubricants and problem solving additives. Its television production arm, Lucas Oil Studios, maintains its own high definition production studio and produces more than 300 hours of programming for CBS, CBS Sports Network, NBC, NBC Sports Network, SPEED, FUEL and the Lucas owned MAVTV American Real Network.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions Partners with onthenetOffice to Offer Cloud Hosted Desktop Solution

Lunarpages Internet Solutions announces a strategic partnership with onthenetOffice, a world leader in the cloud hosted application industry, to offer its clients the most powerful and secure virtual desktop solution.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) January 25, 2013

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, an award-winning global web hosting provider, announced the recent partnership with a leading provider in the cloud hosted application industry, onthenetOffice. This valuable partnership now allows Lunarpages to add one of the most revolutionary virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) to its already impressive suite of business tools. The onthenetOffice application delivers users secure worldwide-access to their private hosted network extremely fast and effortlessly from any pc, tablet or mobile device. It is also compatible with all operating systems and aims to cut IT costs with its all-inclusive support and fixed monthly fees.

Lunarpages Hosted Desktops, powered by onthenetOffice, feature SMX Speed Technology, an innovative blend of technologies and practices that allows onthenetOffice to offer the quickest virtualized desktops around. As a result of the SMX Speed Technology some applications can be launched in less than one second. Covering various areas, ranging from desktops, infrastructure, servers, and more, their expert technicians can resolve any issues and answer any questions or concerns around the clock with 24/7/365 support. Moreover, the patented 4-D Security offered by Lunarpages’ Hosted Desktops uses a powerful blend of technologies, best practices, and services designed by onthenetOffice. Some of these features include physical and environmental security, logical and system security, operational security, and backup and disaster recovery.

“This partnership will allow us to present our customers with an emerging technology that will simplify their IT infrastructure and at the same time decrease their operational costs,” said Louie Digiorno, Director of Sales for Lunarpages. “We are always striving to stay innovative by forming strategic partnerships with the best in the industry and the onthenetOffice team has proven to be the VDI experts.” Lunarpages Hosted Desktops relieve stressful and tedious IT tasks, allowing customers to focus on serving their clients. Together, Lunarpages and onthenetOffice will handle all IT needs, including system maintenance, security updates, and software upgrades. “This partnership with Lunarpages is a great step forward for both companies,” onthenetOffice CEO Alexander Saca said. “We are certain that this strategic partnership will deliver innovative solutions to a critical mass of businesses. I am proud to be involved in this venture with Lunarpages, a respected industry leader with whom we share common values and goals.”

About onthenetOffice

onthenetOffice has been providing customized IT infrastructure solutions for more than 14 years. onthenetOffice is an established market leader in the area of outsourced IT infrastructure and application services and strives to create the ideal office environment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As a leading outsourced IT solutions provider, onthenetOffice offers a variety of different hosted IT solutions using the latest in data center virtualization technologies to provide company’s employees and customers with the best business experience available.

Lunarpages Re-signs Rob “Fig” Naughton and Ryan Beat

Lunarpages will continue as the primary sponsor for Rob Naughton in the #54 PRO-2 and Ryan Beat in the #51 ProLite for the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Season.

January 3rd, 2013 – Corona, California

Premiere Motorsports Group is pleased to announce that Lunarpages will continue as the primary sponsor for Rob Naughton in the #54 PRO-2 and Ryan Beat in the #51 ProLite for the 2013 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Season.

Having long term partners in racing is so critical in achieving success through stability. Lunarpages interest in supporting off road racing began as a Premiere Motorsports Group associate sponsor. After Round 2 of the 2012 season, Lunarpages recognized potential with Rob Naughton and quickly stepped up to form a viable program putting Naughton in the driver’s seat of the #54 Lunarpages PRO-2.

“After a couple races we found that momentum and strived for success. From there it was only a matter of time before we were on the podium,” claimed Naughton. “I am so stoked for 2013 and having Lunarpages backing my truck again. Anytime you have successful business minded individuals like Ron and George installed with confidence and investing in your driving ability, well that is just really special. Sponsors are pretty hard to come by these days and Lunarpages is such a great partner. We will be in it for a full season and we are racing for podiums, wins, and a championship.”

Lunarpages also determined opportunity with Ryan Beat’s consistent success in the #51 ProLite. Mid-way through the 2012 season, Lunarpages came on as the title sponsor and were very pleased with the results. “Multiple podiums, a race win, Rookie of the Year honors, and 2nd in the championship just goes to show we are serious about racing and motivated to win,” stated Ryan Beat. “I am very grateful to have awesome partners like Lunarpages recognize our efforts and step up to fully support my program. 2012 was a breakout year and I am pledging that 2013 will be much of the same and hopefully a few more race wins sprinkled in to garnish with a championship for Lunarpages. That would taste real good!”

The 2013 LOORRS Season consist of 15 rounds of racing during 8 race weekends and is set to begin March 15-17 at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. Premiere Motorsports Group will be well prepared long before that and is initiating several test weekends beginning in late January.

Follow the Hart and Huntington Off Road Team on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages or check out for more information.

AIS Announces Lunarpages Contract Renewal & Expanded Working Relationship

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a global leader in the IT solutions industry, announces it has selected Mobile Web America, pioneers of the Mobile Web.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2012

AIS (American Internet Services), a leading provider of enterprise-class data center, cloud and connectivity services, today announced Web hosting firm Lunarpages, a leading provider of fully managed web hosting services with over 150,000 customers, has just signed a contract renewal that continues their long-standing business relationship in support of Lunarpages’ enterprise clients in the San Diego region. AIS currently provides Lunarpages space, power and bandwidth at the company’s enterprise-class Lightwave Data Center. Discussions are underway to further expand the relationship to include joint business development activities.

“We’ve been working with AIS for over four years and feel the state-of-the-art infrastructure in their Lightwave Data Center combined with their super-knowledgeable engineering and support staff are key to our ability to provide superior service offerings to our clients in the region,” said George Natzic, chief executive officer, Lunarpages. “Our companies have complementary skills that can benefit many of the businesses in the area.”

“Lunarpages has a strong presence in the San Diego region where they provide superb web hosting and managed services,” said Tim Caulfield, chief executive officer at AIS. “We are glad to be a part of their continued growth and look forward to exploring opportunities for working together to support businesses of all sizes.”

The SOC 1, 2, and 3 audited Lightwave Data Center is one of six premium, enterprise-class, carrier-neutral data centers and one network node / point of presence (POP) that AIS operates with locations in San Diego, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. All have N+1 / 2N (or greater) redundancy levels for unsurpassed reliability and security. AIS also operates its own regional optical and dark fiber network, along with its own MPLS network that spans from Los Angeles to San Diego to Phoenix. More information is available at:

About American Internet Services

American Internet Services (AIS) is an enterprise-class data center, cloud and managed services company known for its robust network, security and solutions engineering capabilities that help companies get the most out of their information technology initiatives. Expanding its portfolio into cloud services, AIS provides enterprise-grade, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) alongside traditional managed services (load balancing, security and archiving). By maintaining a focus on leading-edge technologies, AIS has become a recognized leader in delivering cloud strategies for the Bioinformatics and Life Sciences industries. In business for over 20 years, AIS is privately held — backed by Seaport Capital, Viridian Investments, and DuPont Capital Management.

For more information, visit or call (866) 971-2656. Also, follow us on Twitter (, LinkedIn (, Facebook (

Lunarpages Partners with Conversion Pipeline

Anaheim, CA (The Hosting News) October 26, 2012

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, the award-winning global web hosting provider has recently partnered with premier online marketing agency Conversion Pipeline to provide their web hosting customers with best-in-class Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click services.

Lunarpages’ mission has always been to offer the tools and support to webmasters in building, designing, and marketing their projects effortlessly and intelligently. This new partnership with Conversion Pipeline affords clients the opportunity to promote their brand and advertise their website with first-class Internet marketing expertise.

Lunarpages Marketing Manager Alfonso Fernandez explains, “There are numerous Search Engine Marketing companies to choose from and many of our hosting clients aren’t sure who to trust. After working with Conversion Pipeline and getting to know their company, we knew we could trust them to not only provide results, but the level of service our clients expect from us. Lunarpages is excited our clients have an online marketing solution to help them promote and grow their business.”

Sam Collingwood, Managing Partner at Conversion Pipeline, explains how the new offering will work. “Lunarpages has been offering world-class Internet hosting solutions since 1998, and that high level of service and excellence has built an extremely loyal following of savvy, forward-looking companies. No matter what the size or industry, these companies need to advertise and promote their services online. Conversion Pipeline is offering powerful Search Engine Marketing Solutions specifically designed for Lunarpages’ clients that drive targeted search engine traffic to their website, ultimately converting more web visitors into customers.”

This is not a “Do It Yourself” program offered by most other web hosting providers. These online marketing campaigns include SEO and PPC packages, both of which are fully managed solutions that give Lunarpages’ clients peace of mind knowing their business is being promoted and advertised 24/7. The SEO program includes writing and promoting original content, building quality backlinks, and the ability for customers to track their success through monthly reports and access to customer analytics portal. The PPC Program is not “Set it and forget it”. Conversion Pipeline provides continual bid management analysis, keyword analysis and A/B split testing.

Lunarpages is excited to partner with Conversion Pipeline, and confident that adding the professional online marketing agency to their client offerings is just another reason why so many companies choose Lunarpages for their Internet solutions.

About Conversion Pipeline

Conversion Pipeline is a leading Internet marketing company helping businesses advertise online and increase their search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Reputation Management solutions we are able to elevate brand awareness, increase conversion ratios and drive new revenue growth for our clients.

For more information please visit or contact the Pipeline creative team at info(at)conversionpipeline(dot)com.

Lunarpages Partners with Mobile Web America to Offer Mobile Website Solutions

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a global leader in the IT solutions industry, announces it has selected Mobile Web America, pioneers of the Mobile Web.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, who supports Mobile Web America’s infrastructure needs utilizing Lunarpages’ Dedicated Server solution, will be offering its clients Mobile Websites. “The mobile web is a rapidly growing phenomenon that we want our clients to be a part of” stated Marketing Manager, Alfonso Fernandez. “We are excited about the partnership and are proud to offer our clients Mobile Web America’s simple and affordable solution.” By forming this strategic partnership Lunarpages will be adding a crucial tool to its premiere suite of services.

Mobile Web America is a leader in providing companies Enterprise Mobile Web solutions that are flexible and allow firms to grow their mobile presence. Mobile Web America has thousands of clients worldwide. Working with Lunarpages will allow Mobile Web America to provide a secure infrastructure and competitive offering to businesses looking for a robust system. Mobile Web America’s solutions are suited for all industries and will allow companies to easily tackle the mobile web. “Our Mobile Web Solutions allow proprietors to easily create a mobile website using their existing website for FREE.” said Co-Founder/CEO Jason Pammer. “We understand the importance of offering our clients incredible up-time and secure hosting; Lunarpages is the perfect partner for this.”

About Mobile Web America
Mobile Web America, Inc. is an Irvine, CA based Tech Start-Up. Mobile Web America was founded in 2009 and has built a reputation as a provider of Enterprise Mobile Web solutions to meet each client’s needs. MWA uses their Patent Pending Technology to build Mobile Websites that are based on and synchronized with the Original Website. MWA is an International Mobile Website provider with partnerships throughout the America’s, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Contact Mobile Web America at 866-283-8320, or visit

Lunarpages Launches Channel Partner Program Offering an Evergreen Commission Model

The Lunarpages Channel Partner Program offers an easy to understand commission model and an opportunity to work with Lunarpages’ 150K and growing customer base.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) June 13, 2012

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a global leader in the IT hosting solutions industry providing managed hosting and cloud services since 1998, recently announced the launch of their Channel Partner Program built to benefit IT Consultants, Value Added Resellers (VAR), System Integrators, Agencies and SaaS companies among many other service industries.

The Channel Partner Program will concentrate on partners that will refer or resell Lunarpages Colocation, Dedicated, Managed Hosting services and Cloud offerings. Partners will be able to strengthen their relationships and become a trusted advisor by leveraging Lunarpages’ award winning services. In addition, with over 150K customers worldwide, Lunarpages will be developing strategic partner relationships to expand on the services to support the needs of their clients.

The program was developed to eliminate the complexity that exists today with other hosting channel partner programs by removing limits on compensation and making it easier to manage. Partners will be able to receive 15% commissions or credits on an evergreen model which will also include customer upgrades. “Our ability to develop an easy to understand, easy to do business program, will be a game changer. We believe the passion that our support teams have will be a great resource for partners to utilize.” said Johnny Perales, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Being a leader in the hosting industry, backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLA), gives our partners peace of mind that their clients will be supported by a Customer First experience.”

Some of the benefits of the Lunarpages Channel Partner Program include:

  •     Dedicated Sales Account Managers
  •     Pre-Sales and Post Technical Resources
  •     Easy to Understand Program
  •     Ability to support the Lunarpages Customer Base
  •     Marketing Development Funds (MDF) in lieu of Commissions
  •     Discounts to referred clients
  •     15% Evergreen Commission
  •     Commissions Paid on Upgrades

To learn more and apply to become a Lunarpages Channel Partner please visit:

Questions in regards to the partner program can be sent to

On Track and Ready to Deliver at Miller Motorsports Park

Hart and Huntington Off Road is locked and ready for the next big event in the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Racing Series. Premiere Motorsports Group has made abundant preparations and the Hart and Huntington Off Road Team is now on track to deliver an exciting performance at Miller Motorsports Park.

Rounds 7 and 8 are the mid point races of the season and a cross roads for all the series competitors. Each drivers attempt to score points in their category will put them one step closer to a championship title. There can only be one leader, so most are scrambling hard to catch up. The Hart and Huntington squad is ready to make their favor and take their turn at the front. The race weekend is sure to be exciting and full of hard & fast off road action.

PRO-2 wheel man, Robert Naughton is just coming back into his own regular top performing self and looking forward to a podium finish. The driving ace took advantage between races and burned some solid test laps last week. Check out the video from testing featuring an interview with Robert Naughton.

“We had a good day testing. Pounding laps to dial in the truck is crucial for this new program. We are ready and headed back to Utah where I had great success and won back to back races last year. There is a lot of pressure to get on the podium and we showed in the last rounds that I can drive this truck up front. The quality test time is what we need to put the #54 PRO-2 on the box and I plan to close the deal up at Miller Motorsports Park.”

The Miller Motorsports Park Complex is one of the nicest venues in the country and offering great views of the purpose built off road track. For the #22 MAVTV PRO-4 Driver Josh Merrell, he hopes to put on a show for the fans just not like he did in 2011. “Last year, we led just about the whole race. I was powering through the final corner with only a couple laps to go and bam, I was upside down in the catch fence. This year is a totally different program and mindset. We are focused and ready to achieve what we have been working for since this all started; I want the 1st place trophy.”

Josh Merrell has nailed down 3rd in PRO-4 points and as one of the fastest drivers in the top division he has already become a factor in the 2012 championship.

Hart and Huntington Off Road Team Partner, eBay Motors is making a big push into the world of motorsports. The #46 eBay Motors Truck is prepped and ready to introduce fans to the all new eBay Motors App. Driver of the #46 Truck, Ryan Beat declared why he is fired up. “I cannot wait to get back behind the wheel in the PRO-2. I love the track and facility at Miller. The fans from Utah need to come check us out and learn about what eBay is doing for them. The new App allows me to browse for the vehicles I am interested in while easily finding all the parts I need. It is perfect for me since I am always on the go. I also really like being able to track my auctions and if I am ready to make a purchase I can do it all right from my phone. I have the entire eBay Motors marketplace right here with me. We hope all our practice will pay off and we can put the eBay Motors #46 Truck on top.”

Robert Naughton Starts the #54 PRO-2 on the Pole for Hart and Huntington Off Road

Hart and Huntington Off Road’s newest driver on the roster, Robert Naughton made a significant appearance during Friday’s practice and qualifying sessions in preparation for Round 5. The Phoenix local has turned many laps at the Speedworld Track, and his speeds showed the #54 PRO-2 as the second fastest during the practice heat and fourth fastest during PRO-2 Qualifying. After the Lucas Oil Off Road Inversion, Naughton will start from the pole in front of his home town crowd.

18 of the top off road driver will begin Round-5 of the PRO-2 Division. Robert Naughton will have to contend with the likes of Rob MacCachren, Carl Renezeder, Marty Hart and Jeff Geiser. These off road driving aces will stop at nothing to put their vehicle up front in order to claim victory. Other than his competitors, Naughton’s biggest challenge to overcome is the limited seat time in his new ride. For Robert it is a personal mission to prove he can drive any machine and win.

“Last time I started on the pole, I went on to win the race. I intend to do it again here with my new team in the Lunarpages PRO-2,” affirmed Robert. “The General Tires are hooking up great and I am going to drive the fastest line as fast as I can. It is important that we put on a good show for all the friends family and sponsors. If we do it correctly and no one crashes us out, I will stay out front and from there, it should be mine. I am here to win and if anyone else wants it, they will have to out drive me.”

Check out our newest video featuring an interview with Robert Naughton:

Premiere Motorsports Group also has three other opportunities to obtain podium finishes with Josh Merrell in the #22 MAVTV PRO-4, Ryan Beat in the #46 eBay Motors PRO-4, and Beat is also campaigning the #51 Premiere Motorsports Group / Black Rhino ProLite.

Merrell is coming off back to back 3rd place podiums in Rounds 3 & 4. “We are feeling pretty confident out here for Speedworld. I had a fluke with the motor blowing 3 laps into qualifying today. I still was able to nail down the 5th fastest time on lap 3 and each lap was within an eighth of a second of each other. I was only going to get faster. To get to the front, I will have to run clean with no problems. I am looking forward to getting up on the box here real soon.”

Ryan Beat is showing great promise and is enjoying his second race weekend in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series top division. “Driving this eBay Motors Truck is a real treat. I am learning a lot about the PRO-4 and what it takes to move it around the track quickly. We qualified inside the top 10 and are aiming for a top 5 finish. My ProLite is now repaired after the damage from careless wrecking ball drivers during the Lake Elsinore event. So far this weekend, the PMG ProLite is working awesome and we qualified 7th. I am pleased to be near the front in a field this big and competitive. It is on!”

Rob Naughton Joins Team GT, Looks For Podium at Speedworld

LOORRS veteran Rob “Fig” Naughton will race on General Grabbers for the remainder of the 2012 season.

Fort Mill, SC – May 16, 2012

General Tire is known for its winning tradition and the tire manufacturer is continuing that tradition with the addition of veteran driver Rob “Fig” Naughton to Team GT. Naughton, driver of the No. 54 Pro-2 truck for Hart & Huntington andPremier Motorsports Group, transitioned to General’s at Lake Elsinore last month and is looking to add to his 25 short course wins at his home track this weekend in Surprise, Arizona.

“We’re really excited to have Rob as a member of Team GT,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for General Tire. “He’s extremely talented and knows how to win in a Pro-2 truck. I know we’ll see him on the podium real soon.”

Eager to add to the win column, Naughton sat down to answer a few questions about Speedworld Raceway Park, transitioning to a new team and tire, and his daughter’s racing career prior to rounds five and six at Speedworld. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Surprise is your “home track”. What kind of an advantage does that give you?
A: I have always done well at my home tracks. In fact, I had two Pro-2 wins in Arizona last year. I always have a lot of friends and family at the home town races and that is definitely a boost. I am also just more familiar with the Arizona tracks as that is where I have done most of my testing. I am expecting good results this weekend at Speedworld.

Q: This is your second race with Hart & Huntington. How has the adjustment been? What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
A: The last two rounds at Lake Elsinore were definitely a challenge as everything was new and I had no seat time. Unfortunately we had issues both days with mechanical failures so my results were not what I expect from myself. That said we have made changes to the truck that will make it more reliable and suit my driving style better. As usual I expect to be racing for podium finishes at Speed World. The biggest challenge is we had no pre-season testing so we are having to make adjustments and changes on race days which is always a challenge. But we have a great team and great sponsors so I expect to be back up front sooner than later.

Q: What types of things have you been doing to make the transition as seamless as possible?
A: I am trying to rely on my experience, in six seasons I have 25 wins in ProLite and Pro-2, a ProLite Championship, two Challenge Cup wins and a bunch of podiums. The things I have learned over the years have given me the confidence that we will make the changes necessary to be a winner. The team has been working very hard to make the changes to the truck I have requested. They brought me on board to win races and they are committed to doing whatever needs to be done to achieve this goal. I couldn’t ask for a better team or opportunity than the one I have with the Hart & Huntington/Lunarpages team.

Q: You’re new to having General’s on your truck. How are they performing for you and what do you think of them?
A: The performance of the Generals is awesome, it’s a proven winner and championship tire so there is nothing more I can ask for. With all the changes we are making to the truck, the tire is one area we do not need to worry about, it works.

Q: What are some of the keys to getting around Surprise?
A: I would say carrying good speed down the back straight, getting through the sweeper well, and carrying speed down the front straight is key to having good lap times at this track.

Q: How important is qualifying at this track?
A: Qualifying is the most important part at every track so it doesn’t really change at Surprise. Qualifying has been one of my weaker areas over the last couple years and I need to fix that starting at Surprise. It makes life a whole lot easier to start up front and avoid the carnage that can take you out of the race.

Q: How does the track change from day one to day two? Does the intensity of the racing change?
A: The track usually gets harder and more blue-grooved from Saturday to Sunday. The intensity is maxed out starting from the green flag in qualifying Friday until the checker flag on Sunday. So it’s important to show up mentally ready to go to war all weekend long.

Q: Your 11-year-old daughter also races. What is that like as a father to sit back and watch your daughter follow in your footsteps?
A: It’s great! Racing has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s been what we do as a family for the 18 years my wife and I have been together. So going racing with our kids is just another part of what we do. I really enjoy watching Bella race and improve, she is one of if not the youngest drivers in the Modified Trophy Kart class at age 11 and I think she is doing really well for her age. Most of the front-running kids are boys between the ages of 13 to 15. I think Bella will be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come as she gets older and gains more experience. We are building her a new truck with the best of everything and I think this will only help her results going forward.

Q: What’s the best part of short-course racing?
A: The adrenaline and excitement of going head-to-head with the other competitors in a 900hp race truck as well as performing in front of a crowd is very cool. Short course is one of those sports that has to be witnessed live to fully get it. I fell in love with this sport the very first time I saw it and have been addicted to it ever since. The best part for me is getting to celebrate on the podium with my team, sponsors, friends, family and the crowd. That’s what keeps me motivated and excited.

For more information on the LOORRS event at Speed World in Surprise, and the activities surrounding the event, make sure to visit

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Hart and Huntington Off Road Enjoys 35 Hours and Weekly Timeslot on CBS Sports Network

Lake Elsinore, CA – May 14th, 2012

At Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series broke new ground on a variety of levels. The newest facility revealed to the fans in attendance just how exciting and action packed short course racing typically is.

Before the weekend’s racing began, Lucas Oil Staffers stopped by the PMG pit compound to introduce two very important short course fans to the Hart and Huntington Off Road Drivers. The racers engaged their new friends about being pro truck racers in series, it was then that these fellows shared the news about the plans for CBS Sports Network to televise the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series with a comprehensive 35 hour TV package.

“We’re pleased to partner with Lucas Oil to showcase their action-packed Off Road Racing Series,” said Dan Weinberg, Senior Vice President, Programming, CBS Sports Network. “This deal further increases our event programming, and provides fans a dedicated weekly outlet to watch this exciting racing series.”

This regular platform will provide consistent in-depth television coverage of LOORRS sanctioned races from the beginning of the season to the very end. In addition to the exciting racing action on the track, the Hart and Huntington Off Road Team will enjoy behind the scenes exposure through CBS Sports Network in-show feature “Behind the Wheel”. A segment that takes viewers behind-the-scenes with various LOORRS Drivers such as Carl Renezeder, Carey Hart, Josh Merrelll, Rob McCachren and other top racers to explore the driver’s mindset, team dynamics, and race strategies all from the inside point of view.

This is a huge boost for the sport and will likely return big exposure for our team partners like MAVTV, Lunarpages and General Tire. This is a great deal for the future of Premiere Motorsports Group.

CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 613 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to

For more information please visit

Synergy Global Entertainment Selects Lunarpages IT Solutions

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a leader in the web hosting industry, announced today the partnership with Synergy Global Entertainment (SGE), a world premier music festival production company.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2012

Located in Southern California, Lunarpages Internet Solutions, a global leader in the IT solutions industry providing managed hosting and cloud services, is happy to announce a partnership with Synergy Global Entertainment, also known as SGE. This strategic partnership will provide the chance for Lunarpages to expand their brand to an ever growing and exhilarating entertainment industry.

SGE has produced thousands of branded music festivals, concerts, tours and events throughout the world playing to millions of applauding fans. SGE prides itself in being a part of creating the emotional experience and enjoyment from attending a live event. It is safe to say that SGE works to bring the most talented, entertaining, and diverse music artists to their stages. “We selected Lunarpages over other providers because of their ability to understand our organization and have the necessary service offering to host our business.” Said John Oakes, partner with SGE. “Lunarpages’ ability to scale to our needs was paramount in our decision to select them.” SGE’s 2012 festival lineup will include at least six major music festivals. Moreover, there will be over 250 performance dates to choose from.

Lunarpages will provide Synergy Global Entertainment with its private cloud solution to support their online marketing and operational efforts for the 2012 tours. “Our partnership with SGE is a continued advancement in supporting high profile clients with mission critical IT needs,” said Johnny Perales, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “By utilizing Lunarpages’ expertise and our Customer First Support teams, we will be able to support SGE to scale their infrastructure to meet their dynamic business needs.”

About Synergy Global Entertainment, Inc.
Synergy Global Entertainment, Inc. (SGE) specializes in producing music events and music marketing programs benefiting brands, artists, consumers, partners and attendees alike. With hundreds of live events worldwide each year SGE works with agencies, brands and musical talent to produce or co-produce concerts across various genres and interests including: IDentity FestivalRockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Taste Of Chaos, Jagermeister Music ToursRockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival48 Hours Festival, the Avalanche Tour, and more.

Lunarpages Selects Latisys for Continued Business Expansion

Provider of Managed Hosting and Colocation Services With 150,000+ Customers Expands Services Platform in Latisys’ State-of-the-Art Facility in Irvine, CA

Englewood, CO (MARKETWIRE) May 09, 2012

Latisys, a leading national provider of IT Outsourcing solutions from colocation to cloud, today announced that Web hosting firm Lunarpages, a leading provider of fully managed web hosting services with over 150,000 customers, has expanded its presence on the Latisys platform at the Irvine data center campus by an additional 3,500 square feet of high density (HD) colocation space.

For more than a decade, Lunarpages has focused on providing secure and reliable hosting for a broad range of customers ranging from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. In 2009, Lunarpages turned to Latisys for colocation and managed IT services as a result of customer growth and broader customer use of HD applications. Based on Latisys’ success delivering secure, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure services across its platform, Lunarpages sought to expand its presence at the Irvine facility.

“We continue to be impressed by Latisys’ commitment to investing in state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and enterprise cloud services that enable Lunarpages to meet and exceed customer expectations,” said George Natzic, Chief Executive Officer, Lunarpages. “Latisys has proven itself to be a trusted partner, and we look forward to building upon this relationship going forward.”

In Fall 2011 Latisys launched a 93,000 square foot data center (OC2) adjacent to the firm’s existing 50,000 square foot facility (OC1) — uniquely positioning Latisys as the largest data center operator in the Orange County region, with HD power and cooling to accommodate enterprise customer requirements for managed hosting, cloud solutions and data center colocation.

“Lunarpages has built a reputation for delivering secure and reliable hosting, and expanding their presence at Latisys’ Irvine data center campus demonstrates our flexible approach to IT infrastructure services is truly resonating with the dynamic needs of web hosting providers — and their customers,” said Tom Panarisi, Regional VP, West, Latisys. “By offering a full range of services from colocation to cloud, we hope to continue to enhance our relationship with Lunarpages to not only support its growth, but further enable it.”

Lunarpages will be able to leverage several capabilities and services at Latisys OC2:

  • Reduced TCO with elimination of capital expenditures – Rather than making capital investments in power, cooling, security and network access often required for a leased space, Lunarpages and other organizations can leverage Latisys’ investments in next-generation technologies, operational expertise and efficiencies, in addition to the data center infrastructure.
  • Scalable HD power and N+1 cooling – Latisys supports between 250 kilowatts to 2 megawatts of high-density, N+1 redundant power and efficient cooling with 36″ raised floors and optional hot-aisle or cold-aisle containment for additional efficiencies.
  • Network-neutral facility – Located in the heart of the Orange County business community and less than a 10-minute drive from John Wayne Airport (SNA), the Irvine data center campus is geographically positioned in Irvine for convenient access and reliable connectivity, featuring connections to multiple Tier 1 providers.
  • State-of-the-art security – Each Latisys data center facility features multi-layered security systems, digital video surveillance, network monitors and a 24x7x365 fully manned Network Operations Center (NOC) that is tied to the national support team.

About Latisys
Latisys is a leading national provider of colocation, managed hosting, managed services, disaster recovery and private cloud solutions to medium-sized businesses, enterprise customers and government agencies. With a heritage serving business customers since 1994, and multiple high-density data centers across the United States, Latisys offers scalable outsourced IT infrastructure management solutions that provide customers what they need, when they need it. As a client-centric company — with state of the art data centers in Ashburn, Virginia, Chicago, Denver and Irvine, California — Latisys is quickly becoming the IaaS platform of choice for companies that demand more from their IT infrastructure partner. All while optimizing clients’ return on investment. All while “delivering more’. Call 1-866-956-9594, visit or follow us on Twitter at for additional information.

AdvancedEMedia Selects Lunarpages Internet Solutions to Offer WebJaguar As a Hosted E-Commerce Solution

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) May 01, 2012

Lunarpages Internet Solutions will be supporting AdvancedEMedia’s hosting infrastructure needs utilizing Lunarpages’ private cloud solution. “Now, more than ever, e-commerce is becoming one of the most sought after applications, and we are honored to have been selected by AdvancedEMedia,” stated Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Johnny Perales. “Lunarpages will also be able to recommend an e-commerce solution that will help our customers reduce their costs and risks. We are truly excited about this partnership.”

AdvancedEMedia is a leader in e-commerce providing companies a comprehensive and flexible solution to help better run their business. AdvancedEMedia has 100s of successful e-commerce implementations. Working closely with Lunarpages will allow AdvancedEMedia to provide a secure infrastructure and competitive offering to businesses looking for a robust system. WebJaguar is suited for all types of industries and will allow companies to easily scale up their business. “The right infrastructure, flexibility, and functionality are most important to businesses looking for a new platform. Our new partnership with Lunarpages will allow us to offer just that, with a dedicated team focused on customer satisfaction,” said founder, Bachir Kassir.

About AdvancedEMedia

The WebJaguar E-Commerce and Marketing Platform by AdvancedEMedia is an advanced shopping cart solution for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) companies. It is easy and practical to use, and also customizable for any business. WebJaguar offers fully featured e-commerce, CRM (customer relationship management), sales and innovative marketing tools, SEO tools, order management and product database management. AdvancedEMedia’s e-commerce service provides businesses the opportunity to use the Internet to grow profits, lessen costs, and improve customer service. The WebJaguar platform is cloud based and offers customers high-end, high performance features delivered cost effectively. It provides both a scalable and flexible solution to businesses, targeting those that have outgrown their current platform and are ready to go to the next level.

For more information, contact AdvancedEMedia at 1.888.718.5051, or visit us on the web at AdvancedEMedia.

Public Relations
Lunarpages Internet Solutions

Hart and Huntington Off Road Turning Up The Heat in Lake Elsinore

April 21st 2012 – Lake Elsinore, CA

Known as a hot bed for action packed motorsports, Lake Elsinore delivered lots of high octane exploits with a Friday qualifying session for Round 3 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. The heat was turned up as temperatures soared to triple digits and the off road teams launched big air on the new high flying short course track at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

Hart and Huntington Off Road is running hot with confidence steaming out of the Premiere Motorsports Group mega pit compound. Competing in four pro divisions with two PRO-4s, one PRO-2, and one ProLite means that there is a lot happening at all times throughout the days schedule. Luckily the energy is up for this hometown event, and the Hart and Huntington drivers are showing a lot of promise right off the start.

Carey Hart has acknowledged the learning curve transitioning from racing 2WD to 4WD trucks is no easy task. Seat time for any driver is crucial for adapting a successful race program. For Hart, it’s at an even higher premium and due to a charging system gremlin on the #46 eBay Motors Truck, Carey was only to make a few laps during practice. Not all was lost as the FMX super star was able to communicate feedback and the team worked to make adjustments converting the setup to the drivers liking.

Hart went onto earn a qualifying lap time inside the top 10 and is quickly stepping back into the role as an off road short course racer. “I am excited to be back out here. I feel like I will be acclimated in no time. Premiere Motorsports Group is doing an awesome job prepping this eBay Motors Truck and I know we are headed in the right direction. It should be a great weekend.”

PRO-4 team mate, Josh Merrell and driver of the #22 MAVTV/Hart and HuntingtonTruck has proven himself as a top contender in short course off road racing’s fastest division. For Round 3 qualifying, Merrell pushed hard and earned a top five with the best lap clocked at 49.792 and less than a 1/8th of a second off the pole sitter, Carl Renezeder. “We have been working hard to get consistent,” stated Josh. “We are here to race. We are here to win. I am going to keep pushing till I put this truck in the winners circle.”

Perhaps one of the biggest stories in all of off road is the addition of Robert Naughton to the Hart and Huntington roster. This weekend marks Naughton’s first time behind the wheel of the #54 Truck. “Premiere Motorsports Group and Lunarpages have made me feel like I am part of the family. I am su per excited for this opportunity to run the rest of the season,” Shared Robert. “We got to do a shakedown on Thursday and ran all the laps today (Friday). We are loosening up this truck and stiffening the shocks. I have implemented a tire groove that I think will work real good and we are just going to continue dialing in this machine till we are the fastest truck out there. You thought it was hot today, just wait till I blaze around the track during Round 1.”

Hart and Huntington Off Road’s young horse, Ryan Beat just might be one of the hardest working guys in the pits. Unfortunately that might have been his un doing and his qualifying performance may have suffered. To much work and not enough rest seems like it goes hand in hand with off road racing, but sooner or later the mentality catches up. Regardless, Ryan has persevered and made it to the race weekend with a race ready machine. Using a 130% of his focus Beat qualified 10th out of 24 Trucks and within a truck length of the fastest qualifier.

The Trucks have all been stripped down, and reassembled. The plan from here is come out rejuvenated. The other drivers better do the same because Hart and Huntington Off Road is turning up the heat for Round 1.

Connect with Lunarpages’ on Facebook & Twitter and tune into Hart and Huntington Off Road YouTube page for regular updates throughout the weekend and you can also follow the live timing and scoring on

This professional motorsports organization is the product of numerous individuals and support of strong companies brought together to create an off road racing powerhouse. The brands like Hart & Huntington, eBay Motors, MAV TV, General Tire, Lucas Oil,Liquid Graphics, Baileigh Industrial,, Go Pro, Miller Welders,Torchmate, FiberwerX, AEM Performance Electronics, and Simpson Race Products will ensure a number of achievements throughout 2012. Additional support from Competitive Metals, Thyssen Krupp, Beam Designs, Corona Motorhome Rentals, The Fan Man, ATD, Fox Racing Shocks, Walker Evans Racing Wheels,Gibson Exhaust, sustains our effort.

Lunarpages and Premiere Motorsports Campaign PRO-2 Driver: Robert Naughton

Lunarpages and Premiere Motorsports Group are thrilled to announce that Robert Naughton will be taking the wheel of the #54 PRO-2 at the next Lucas Oil Off Road Racing event in Lake Elsinore, CA on April 21-22. This will be a season long campaign in an effort to win races, a championship, and perhaps even a future Lucas Oil Challenge Cup.

“Lunarpages is proud to be stepping up the support,” declared C.E.O. George Natzic. “Premiere Motorsports Group has put together a great program and with a great driver. I am already a fan, and having our brand on a top contending truck is going to make it that much more exciting.”

Robert Naughton shared “I was really bummed at the beginning of the year to not have a ride put together. Right now, it feels like one door has closed and two or three more have opened. I got a chance to drive for Robby Woods in Round 2 and took home a 6th place finish. And now, to be offered a deal with Premiere Motorsports Group. These guys are committed to racing and that is what it is all about for me. I cannot wait to get out there in a Renezeder Championship Winning Truck powered by Bill Schlieper’s Pro Power. Who can ask for more than that!”

Lunarpages Internet Solutions Announces Sponsorship of UFC Fighter Jake Ellenberger

Lunarpages and Jake Ellenberger team up for an exciting sponsorship. This sponsorship will allow Lunarpages to emerge into the promising UFC scene and capitalize on one of the fastest growing sport industries in the world.

(PRWEB) March 06, 2012

Based out of Southern California, Lunarpages Internet Solutions, the leading specialist in hosting and cloud computing is proud to announce the sponsorship of promising UFC fighter, Jake Ellenberger. The partnership with Jake provides the chance for Lunarpages to promote their award winning services to one of the fastest growing audiences represented by a hard-working and determined fighter.
Jake Ellenberger is an up and coming fighter with a bright future ahead of him. “It is a privilege and honor for me to partner with Lunarpages,” said Jake Ellenberger. “I respect that they are a company that promotes integrity and that they operate in such a professional manner. I look forward to continuing my partnership with them and am grateful to have their support”.

Jake is training with some of the best coaches in the world and is determined to become the UFC Champion. “UFC is one of the fastest growing sports around the world. This partnership is a great opportunity for the Lunarpages brand to gain global recognition,” said George Natzic, CEO of Lunarpages Internet Solutions. “Lunarpages is excited to team up with Jake Ellenberger, an athlete distinguished by his hard work and someone that can sustain the professionalism that sets Lunarpages apart from the competition. Lunarpages looks forward to supporting Jake Ellenberger not only because of his skill level and dedication, but also because of his confident yet humble personality”.

About Jake Ellenberger
Jake Ellenberger, 26, who was born in Omaha, Nebraska and resides in Mission Viejo, California, was introduced to mixed martial arts when he was 20. Following a successful career in the Victory Fighting Championship and the International Fight League as the welterweight champion in both organizations, Ellenberger made his UFC debut in 2009 and has complied an impressive 6 – 1 record with an overall record of 27-5-0. In September 2011, Jake scored a victory over Jake Shields by knock out – the first time Jake Shields had been stopped in over six years. Most recently, Ellenberger headlined the inaugural UFC on Fuel TV where he defeated UFC veteran and Season 1 Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Sanchez by unanimous decision. Ellenberger’s current worldwide ranking in the welterweight division is #4 and is in title contention in 2012.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions Announces PCI Compliance Certification

Lunarpages Internet Solutions recently announced its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance certification which offers its clients a secure trade environment for handling sensitive information.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) December 19, 2011

Lunarpages Internet Solutions, the leading specialist in hosting and cloud computing has announced that the company recently put its efforts into becoming one of the few companies in this industry to offer a secure trade environment for its clients.

With the PCI compliance certification, Lunarpages understands the importance of security best practices and data handling. As a Service Provider, Lunarpages adheres to the strict guidelines imposed by the PCI council, and customers can rest assured that all their sensitive information is securely protected on their servers.

By being PCI Compliant, Lunarpages operates under:

  • A Secure trade environment when processing, storing or transmitting sensitive data
  • A Protected network from security threats
  • A Strict access control measures
  • A Constant screening and testing for network security

“We have allocated a tremendous amount of resources into building a secure network.” said Lee Coleman, CTO of Lunarpages. “Being PCI Compliant along with SAS 70 Type II Audit, gives us a competitive advantage by showing our customers that we are a well established business with secure financial controls in place.”

About PCI

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was launched on September 7, 2006 to manage the ongoing evolution of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards with focus on improving payment account security throughout the transaction process. The PCI DSS is administered and managed by the PCI SSC, an independent body that was created by the major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB).

Lunarpages Internet Solutions Offers Its Clients an Additional Layer of Security with SecureLive

Lunarpages Internet Solutions now offers the most effective and economical global security system ever engineered. Over 60 million hacks blocked, thousands of hackers shut down and many active prosecutions.

Anaheim, CA (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

SecureLive is an advanced security system designed to seamlessly integrate into a variety of platforms including: Joomla security, WordPress security, Drupal security, and E107 security. With a simple plugin installation and activation, customers will immediately begin blocking hackers and seeing reports of the malicious activity on their site. SecureLive goes one step further and reports the hackers to the appropriate authorities.


  • Patent pending technology: (CST) Continuous Scan Technology
  • Live real-time monitoring
  • Tested 98% effective against hacking and online theft
  • Endorsed by industry experts in independent testing
  • Advanced custom user security controls to fit websites
  • Blocks intruders before attack through advanced recognition
  • Email alerts and text via mobile devices to client and monitors
  • Logs all violations and captures attacker signature
  • Forwards attacker profiles to proper authorities
  • Reduces attacks through systematic banning of violators

Frequently Asked Questions
What programming languages are supported by SecureLive?

Currently SecureLive is only offered for support of PHP and is being expanded to support ASP in the near future.

How effective is SecureLive at stopping hacks?

SecureLive is the most secure website security system available today. To date, SecureLive has blocked over 50 million hack attempts across the globe, and is still going strong. SecureLive’s success rate when installed on a clean website (no pre-existing hacks), is 100%. When unsure if the website is clean, there is a tool called SecureRX, which serves as a diagnostics service to determine this. If there are existing viruses on the website; SecureRescue cleans up the hacks before installing SecureLive to block future hacks. It’s surprising to find out how many people are trying to hack websites. Reports have shown that many users begin receiving incident reports only minutes after activating SecureLive.

How does SecureLive protect websites?

SecureLive works by filtering all the data being sent to the website by a user or bot. The user is checked for black list or white list status, and then the data undergoes a very advanced, patented hacker detection script. During this process, personal preferences will be applied, allowing users to change who is detected as a hacker, and how they are blocked and reported.

How will SecureLive™ affect the website’s performance?

SecureLive’s servers store account’s data, global database, and the most advanced parts of the patented technology. This means that users will need to connect to the servers frequently, and speed becomes a concern for most webmasters. Most users see an average speed of 0.1 seconds added to their page load time. The best speeds are around 0.03 – 0.04 seconds, and the worst being around 0.5 seconds. This performance can be improved by upgrading the server’s hardware. SecureLive’s servers are running very advanced hardware and software in order to provide reliable and fast service. SecureLive can handle tens of thousands of connections at once, and will grow along with the customer’s base.

What is conversion, and is it bad?

The overall terminology for “Conversion” isn’t bad, its discussed in negative terms because the way other security solutions use it. Conversion is the process in which visitors to a site are “converted” into a customers via sales. For Businesses, especially for eCommerce this is a good thing. In fact if when there is someone coming to a site from another site to “BROWSE” around, or to say they are “on the fence” about the product, then see something, whether it is an item, a security method giving them a safe feeling, etc, and it turns into a sale is something everyone likes. Hours and hours of article writing, product placement, programming, whatever was done starts to pay off from the conversions that happen on the site.

The problem is that these other security suite applications talk about conversion because of their false hope in security to the customers. The other top name security products for the websites DO NOT protect from the NOW. SecureLive and SecureMember does, not only the NOW, but the future as well. The patented technology delivers more than just conversion, it offers REAL security, REAL protection, RIGHT NOW.

What are the PCI standards?

For Visa, Inc., PCI DSS compliance includes following their Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP), along with the incorporated PCI DSS standards.

The CISP program includes compliance and validation requirements for the following entities:

  • Merchants-All merchants including retail (brick-and-mortar), mail/telephone order, and e-commerce.
  • Service Providers-Visa identifies service providers as organizations that process, store, or transmit Visa cardholder data on behalf of Visa members, merchants, or other service providers.
  • Payment Applications-Visa offers a “Best Practices” document for Payment applications, with the goal that the payment application must not retain full magnetic stripe data or CVV2 data. As well, as well the software must support a merchants and service providers’ ability to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard.

For MasterCard Inc., compliance and validation includes following its Site Data Protection (SDA) Program, along with the incorporated PCI DSS standards.

The SDA program includes compliance requirements for the following entities:

  • Merchants-All merchants must become PCI DSS compliant through completing the PCI Self Assessment, PCI Onsite Assessment and PCI Quarterly Network Scanning. While all merchants are required to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, merchants that store, process or transmit MasterCard account data may also be required to validate compliance with their acquirer.
  • Service Providers-Third Party Processors (TPPs), Data Storage Entities ()DSEs). Any service providers that store, process or transmit MasterCard account data on behalf of the merchant must also be compliant.
  • Vendors-Master Card provides a list of Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs), based on the testing requirements laid out in the PCI DSS standard for ASVs.
  • Acquirers-MasterCard works with acquirers to help the acquirer’s merchants obtain SDA certification, as well as PCI DSS certification. The acquirer does not have to go through an SDA certification process, but the acquirer must manage the SDA process for their merchants. The acquirer must certify the merchants’ compliance validation tools, as well as registering the merchant with MasterCard.

Is SecureLive PCI Compliant?

The short answer is no, a little history on PCI is helpful to understand how it came about and why it is needed.

In June 2005, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International founded the PCI Security Council. These requirements are based on ISO 17799-the internationally recognized standard for information security practices.

The main tasks of the council are:

Under the PCI DSS, a business or organization should be able to assure their customers that its credit card data/account information and transaction information is safe from hackers or any malicious system intrusion.

The way SecureLive works is it protects the ENTIRE website, including its database. PCI Compliance does not protect the database. If the credit card, address, names, etc are stored in the database and a hacker is able to access or download this, PCI did not work.

Does SecureLive support SSL Certificates?

SecureLive will work on both https and http addresses equally. There are no special requirements or changing of anything.

Lunarpages Announces Enhancements for All Dedicated Webhosting Solutions

Lunarpages Internet Solutions announced today massive increases on their Dedicated hosting plan specs while maintaining current pricing. What’s impressive is that these benefits are extended to not only new but existing clients as well.

Anaheim, CA (Vocus) October 22, 2010

Lunarpages Internet Solutions announced today massive increases on their Dedicated hosting plan specs while maintaining current pricing. What’s impressive is that these benefits are extended to not only new but existing clients as well.

All Lunarpages Dedicated plans see an immediate increase in bandwidth allowance, additional dedicated IP addresses (up to 5), free software raid on 12+ month plans, memory and storage increases, and for Managed Intense and Ultra Linux clients the addition of KSplice. In terms of support for these packages they have added 24/7 live chat to compliment their already existing 24/7 phone support.

These enhancements have not affected the affordability of web hosting with Lunarpages; in fact their prices have remained unchanged for several years. As always when Lunarpages increases their offerings the benefits are passed on to their loyal webmasters by awarding the upgrades to all current hosted accounts. Yet another reason Lunarpages continues to lead as an innovator and reputable example of quality web hosting.

George Natzic the CEO of Lunarpages Internet Solutions says “The economy is hard on everyone and all of our customers deserve value solutions to develop and increase their online business. All of our hosting plans are affordable and with these additional resources our offering is hard to beat. Lunarpages has created a fantastic solution for any organization needing a dedicated solution”

When choosing Lunarpages as your web host you can be assured that all data centers are located within the United States and their support is not outsourced. The company also owns and operates all of their hardware. With four datacenters (Irvine and San Diego, CA, Phoenix, AZ as well as Las Vegas, NV), an optimized call center in Anaheim, CA, and several satellite locations in various parts of the United States, Lunarpages is a premier hosting provider that currently services over 150,000 satisfied customers with more than 160 staff members worldwide.

George Natzic the CEO of Lunarpages Internet Solutions explains “We truly love what we do and have never compromised our security, management, pricing, or services while constantly remaining competitive to the industry’s ever-changing atmosphere. We will continue to focus on what matters – Hosting websites, keeping them online, and providing responsive and quality support for our community.”

Lunarpages Boosts Reseller Plan Specs and Reduces Prices

Anaheim, CA Lunarpages Internet Solutions, one of the leaders in web hosting services, announced today the upgrades to their Webmaster Reseller Plan which includes massive storage and bandwidth increases, helping mid-market web hosters to recruit new customers.

Anaheim, CA (Vocus) November 25, 2010

According to George Natzic, CEO of Lunarpages, the Webmaster Reseller Plan is a welcome solution for many webmasters who are dissatisfied with unreliable uptime and poor technical support offered by inferior web host providers. “Our main goal at Lunarpages has always been to provide the best web hosting services and quality live support to our customers,” he said.

“We recognize that, in our saturated market, we can easily offer relief to webmasters by enhancing our Reseller Plan and reducing their financial investment. We also believe that offering 50 GB – 200 GB Storage and 500 GB – 1400 GB Bandwidth per month proves our commitment to providing the very best web hosting service to these resellers and ensuring their satisfaction with Lunarpages,” said Natzic.

Improvements Include:

50 GB – 200 GB Storage

500 GB – 1400 GB Bandwidth

Price reduction to $19.95 per month

Web Hosting and eMarketing Partnership Produce Online Marketing Calculator

Lunarpages and LocalDirective have begun a partnership to supply clients with a one-stop solution for creating and hosting websites, then driving high Return-On-Investment (ROI) traffic to these sites. Inspired by the partnership, the Online Marketing Calculator developed by LocalDirective identifies a unique budget and marketing strategy for each individual business.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 3, 2010

By simply answering a few questions and adjusting a few variables, business owners can use a new online marketing calculator to identify the best budget and online marketing tactics needed to gain new customers online.

Lunarpages has over 10 years of experience providing website solutions to businesses from the small start-up to fortune 100 companies. The company prides itself on offering customized solutions for every client, ensuring that anyone can design, build, market, and optimize their website effectively and easily. “We are so thrilled about offering these search and marketing solutions!” said Amy Armitage, Director of Business Development for Lunarpages. “For years, we have been readying the perfect solution, which combines web hosting, web design, domain registration, email hosting, and more. And finally, it is also for a price you can afford.”

Part of Lunarpages success comes from maintaining a close-knit attitude toward their staff and clients. In order to deliver even more value to their clients, Lunarpages has partnered with LocalDirective to provide marketing solutions including website design and revitalization, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization, social media marketing and more.

Like Lunarpages, LocalDirective builds solid relationships with its employees and clients. This attitude helps them make the best decisions about their clients’ business needs. Lisa Maier, CEO says, “Online marketing – if done right – can be the most cost-effective form of advertising today. Our job, at LocalDirective, is to make sure that we deliver an impressively high ROI for our clients.”

Lunarpages and LocalDirective have formed a partnership to offer clients a one-stop solution to their website needs. “I’m excited about this partnership which will offer our collective clients the best hosting AND marketing in one place!” said Lisa Maier. “I’ve been recommending Lunarpages for years because of their quality of service and attention to their customers’ needs.” The partnership promises to take both companies into the new decade with diversity and success.

For more information on Lunarpages, visit or call 1-714-521-8150. For more information on LocalDirective, visit or call 1-866-925-9524.

Lunarpages Selects Latisys HD Colocation And Managed Services

Englewood, Colorado (Vocus) December 17, 2009

Latisys, a provider of colocation, managed hosting, managed services and disaster recovery solutions, today announced it has been selected by leading Web Hosting provider Lunarpages to provide data center colocation and managed IT services.

For more than a decade, Lunarpages has focused on providing affordable and reliable hosting for over 150,000 satisfied customers – ranging from individuals and small businesses to Fortune 100 corporations. Customer growth, as well as broader use of high-density applications, drove Lunarpages’ need for a provider that could deliver outsourced, scalable IT infrastructure management services.

“We consider our data center partner to be a critical part of the Lunarpages team, which is why we invest in only the best,” said George Natzic, Chief Operating Officer at Lunarpages. “By turning to Latisys, our customers will benefit from a SAS70 compliant infrastructure and continuous uptime. At the same time, we have assurance and peace of mind that our IT environment is secure.”

Lunarpages selected Latisys and its Irvine data center facility for its ability to provide:

“Because Lunarpages prides itself on offering customers uncompromised security, management, pricing, and services, selecting a data center partner that enabled the firm to execute on this mission was paramount,” said Don Goodwin, executive vice president, Latisys. “We are excited to begin this new relationship with Lunarpages, and that our Latisys HD data center services and related managed services offering continue to resonate with leading Web hosting providers.”

About Latisys
Latisys is a leading provider of colocation, managed hosting, managed services and disaster recovery solutions to all small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise customers. With a heritage serving business customers since 1994, and multiple high density, SAS70 Type II certified data centers across the United States, Latisys offers scalable outsourced IT infrastructure management solutions that provide customers what they need, when they need it. As a data center-centric company, Latisys is quickly becoming the hosting company of choice for companies that demand more from their IT infrastructure partner. All while optimizing clients’ return on investment. All while ‘delivering more_’. Call 1-888-423-3477 or visit for additional information.