Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

disasterBusiness continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) preparation will provide businesses with reliable continuous operation.

Company priorities should focus on maintaining a system that is reliable no matter what disaster or unexpected event occurs. Data is the lifeline to regular daily business operations and any essential functions. Companies can fall into a false sense of security, and only when disaster strikes does the benefit of business continuity as well as disaster recovery becomes evident. Preparing in advance is the key to avoiding the impact of financial and organizational losses.

Business continuity focuses on “continuous operations” – effective ways to minimize interruptions in day to day activities. BC supports essential IT systems and other business processes that may be impacted by an unfortunate event.

Disaster recovery restores business operations following a breakdown in the network. The DR system is strategically located in an area outside the region of existing business infrastructure so that if a disaster occurs; the DR facility is not affected.

Any disaster is a sudden event bringing great damage, loss, or destruction. An even broader definition is sudden or great misfortune or failure. Basically, anything that impedes continuity resulting in loss with possibly devastating effects. How does a business recover if it is severely damaged or destroyed by a disaster? It’s unsettling to think about all the threats that a company can face including power outages, hardware failures, fires, floods, fraud and human error. Any disaster can prevent access to systems and your business processes which impede operations resulting in financial loss. Stakes are amazingly high, and in reality, many small to medium sized business affected by a disaster event resulting in catastrophic loss, will never recover.

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