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New Relic - Application Performance Management and Monitoring

Lunarpages has partnered with New Relic to offer one of the most important tools your website and hosted applications will ever need. Application monitoring and server monitoring are tools that are often forgotten when building a site or deploying an application. This can lead to poor performance, downtime, and end user frustration. Application monitoring and server monitoring will empower you to have a successful deployment.

Application monitoring, through New Relic, provides you an in-depth view of how your website and application performs for the end user. Proactively find the cause of degradation in the performance of your site and applications.

New Relic - Application Performance Management and Monitoring

New Relic is platform and programming language agnostic. It is easily deployed across infrastructure builds. Single server, Virtual Server, Scalable Cloud builds, and Private Cloud builds will benefit. It monitors applications written in Ruby, PHP, .NET, Java, and Python. Applications are monitored based on response time and real user monitoring analysis. Databases are monitored for call response time and time spent in data.

New Relic monitors your server’s usage of CPU, network and memory. Using the tools and information available, you will have the ability to identify which of your applications are using excessive resources, allowing you to optimize the way your website performs. Take the guess work out of how much hardware an application will require.

Unlike other application monitoring tools, you have access to critical information immediately. New Relic does not require a time period to collect data and compare it. The results are easy to understand. The online interface is accessible through an online dashboard. The information provided with monitoring will provide your IT staff with critical information.

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