Data Center Tour

Lunarpages Internet Solutions operates from eight state-of-the-art, peerless data centers across the U.S. All of our data centers are PCI compliant. Offering multi-tier redundant power systems, 24/7 security and staffed by highly trained personnel, our data centers ensure your server runs smoothly and efficiently in order to protect your web presence and your business.

Data Center Locations


Located in Hawthorne, California, Lunarpages owns and operates this state-of-the-art data center. Our facility offers a fully reliable, multi-tiered, secure, and controlled environment for your servers and equipment. For more information on the services provided at our Hawthorne data center, please see our Colocation Services page.

Irvine, Denver, Chicago and Ashburn

We operate in 5 state-of-the-art SAS 70 Type II compliant data centers located in Irvine, California, Denver, Colorado, Chicago, Illinois and Ashburn, Virginia. These facilities boast fully redundant power with diesel generators for backup, diverse paths and providers for Internet access, and multi-tiered reliable security services.

Within these data centers, we are able to provide you with industry-leading physical environment control features, as well as increased capacity and scalability to meet your business growth needs.

For more information, please visit Zayo.

Las Vegas

SuperNAP 7 One of the most advanced data centers in the world the first and only facility in North America with a Tier IV (four) Design and Facility Certifications from the Uptime Institute is now on Lunarpages line up of facilities that provides features such as a double-reinforced roof, advanced rack containment systems that include thermal storage and custom cooling units to add on an on-board backup system, Switch the colocation provider that has developed SuperNAP enables unparalleled capacity and density levels. This facility has a capacity of up to 100 MVA of power in a 525,000 Sq. Ft. site. Also included is a 2nd facility NAP 4 having 88,383 footprint and power up to 15 MVA these 2 facilities add to Lunarpages offerings and lineup of services provided to our clients.

Located in Las Vegas one of the safest regions on the planet includes a number of innovations providing rigorous power redundancy and enhanced reliability.

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San Diego

Our San Diego AIS building is Tier 4 certified, boasting an 80,000+ square foot collocation facility, which stands and operates as an unprecedented feat of technological security. AIS was recently honored with SAS 70 Type II audit certification – an internationally-recognized standard that reviews all levels of technology service providers for security, communication, business practices and internal procedures.

For more information, please visit American Internet Services.